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Our Resilience

Spring 2021

In This Issue: Amid a rising tide of violence in this country - against APA people, Black and Brown people and more - we are continuing to fight a wave of hate-fueled anti-trans legislation in the states. We cannot let grief turn into despair or inaction. We remain united against hate in all its forms.

Featured Articles

We Will Not Be Erased

When the American people voted this past fall, they didn’t just vote for Joe Biden and against Donald Trump. They voted against hatred, ignorance, narrow- mindedness, intolerance, prejudice and discrimination. They voted for acceptance, kindness, compassion and the opportunity to…

Getting to the Other Side of the Pandemic

by Jose Soto

Throughout the pandemic, the Human Rights Campaign has spotlighted the unique needs of the LGBTQ community, particularly in Black and Brown communities. Through extensive and in-depth research and by creating…

Combating Anti-Asian Hate

by Jose Soto

An alarming rise of anti-Asian violence has seemingly entrenched itself across the country. The Asian and Pacific American community has experienced a significant rise of physical and verbal assaults, leaving…

Telling Trans Stories Across the Country

by Brandon Hooks

On the heels of a historic election year, we’re witnessing an attack on LGBTQ rights in state legislatures like never before. These discriminatory bills are primarily targeting the transgender community.…

The Real Threat

by Jennifer Slipakoff

Living in Georgia, I have been conditioned to expect the worst during our state’s legislative session. Those of us who have been organizing around progressive policies know that we can’t…

We draw strength not only from our history of breaking down oppressive systems, but from the realization that we have capacity to keep on moving forward.
Alphonso David Human Rights Campaign President Letter from the President ›