North Carolina

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Without comprehensive equal rights legislation at the federal level, LGBTQ people are subject to an inconsistent patchwork of legal protections in their states and local communities. This leaves millions of our most marginalized people at risk of potential discrimination at work and in their daily lives.

That’s why The Human Rights Campaign fights for LGBTQ equality alongside lawmakers at the local and state levels across the country. Find out what HRC is doing in North Carolina and how you can help secure equal rights for all of its LGBTQ citizens.


  • Sam Searcy (SD-17)
  • Sarah Crawford (SD-18)
  • Kirk deViere (SD-19)
  • Michael Garrett (SD-27)
  • Brian Farkas (HD-9)
  • Allison Dahle (HD-11)
  • Deb Butler (HD-18)
  • Vernetta Alston (HD-29)
  • Marcia Morey (HD-30)
  • Terence Everitt (HD-35)
  • Julie von Haefen (HD-36)
  • DeAndrea Salvador (SD-39)
  • Cecil Brockman (HD-60)
  • Ricky Hurtado (HD-63)
  • Brandon Lofton (HD-104)
  • Wesley Harris (HD-105)
  • Rep. G.K. Butterfield (NC-1)
  • Deborah Ross (NC-2)
  • Rep. David E. Price (NC-4)
  • Kathy Manning (NC-6)
  • Rep. Alma Adams (NC-12)
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Communities in North Carolina

HRC has communities all over the US, each with initiatives and events based on local priorities for LGBTQ rights and equality. See North Carolina's communities below and discover how you can get involved.

Join us

Opportunities for action vary from state to state, but our goal of equal rights for every LGBTQ person is the same everywhere. Check out these ways to volunteer in North Carolina.

State Scorecard

Not applicable: Housing
Not applicable: Employment
Not applicable: Hate Crimes
Not applicable: Public Accommodations
Not applicable: Education
Not applicable: Transgender Healthcare
Partially supports: Gender Marker Updates On Identification Documents
Not applicable: Anti-Conversion Therapy
Supports: Marriage Equality & Other Relationship Recognition
Supports: School Anti-Bullying
High Priority to Achieve Basic Equality
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